Welcome to scienceapp

I am extremely happy for setting up the science app website that enlighten, inspire and inculcate the needed skills and techniques know how to make our teachers and students among science at a high pedestal.

Besides these, there have taken place for the science development among general public many conferences, seminars and workshops which have experienced total involvement of teaching faculty, student community, I am sure everyone is inspired to acetate one’s pace progress a led development through the various academic activities of the science both in the rural and urban areas to receive and take the web opportunity to conquer and cross it’s our heights already leached and established.

  • To formulate measures to faster the spirit of science at all levels of society especially a many the youth.
  • To evaluate scientific and technological options available to aid and improve the planning process and to improve the efficiency of interment at all level.
  • To cloves methods of promoting applied science and research which will stimulate the optional utilization of overall socio-economical development political including all natural, woman and material researches aid to serve for the science benefitted people.
  • It provides unique opportunity to the science activities to one their scientific temperament and knowledge to make their own dreams come true.
  • This involves close and keen observation without any hesitation and creates some ideas for innovative thinking and trying out various possible alternatives and arriving at an optimal solution.
  • Science App. Website is meant for promoting the scientific temper among younger generation to make them more innovative and creative in their youth.   
  • It devising more effective communication methods, tools and technologies.
  • Stimulation of scientific and technological temper among the people; and helps in preparing competent science communications.
  • It provides a platform for sharing of innovative ideas and critical review of existing state of science, education and intervention to strengthen and enrich science education in the education system.
  • This will act as a catalyst for promotion and sustenance of quality education of world class standards, it will create academic ambience that will promote scientific temper among younger generation to become innovative technocrats for the benefit of the nation and the world.

Information Technology has encouraged not only connectivity but also affordable learning tools.
The teacher and the learner are the core human elements in every teaching learning innovation.